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Freelance writer Teagan Alexander ends up finding more than bagpipes and haggis when she agrees to cover a Scottish festival. Assaulted by a kilted killer, and saved by a dark stranger who might be a stalker, she finds herself flung into the fray of a treasure hunt.

Darius Abernathy is the man of Teagan's dreams, though she doesn't know it. As a Realm Walker, he hovers in between reality and dreams, between mortal and immortal. For three centuries he has watched over Teagan, protecting her, as he did when he pulled her from death.

The clock is ticking for them both as the guardian realm walkers seek to find and destroy Teagan and Darius. Any hope of salvation or survival rests in the past. Teagan holds the key to the portal between the past and future. Darius must get her to the ancient, hidden island, and down the rabbit hole, before time runs out.

from Realm Walker
Picture by Moira Foley