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"When Morgan, a Marauder's daughter finds a half-dead, half-naked warrior wrapped up in the most recent plunder, she doesn't know whether to ransom him or run from him. What she does know is the English soldier's cape he's wrapped in is a sign of the danger she faces if anyone discovers her father is dead. Her grandfather is a Welsh prince, and she is of marrying age which makes her a valuable pawn in the game of kings.

Rann of Galbraith, a mercenary agent, awakens to find he has survived an English massacre, only to be the captive of a fiery woman who orders men around as if she were the lord of the keep. Besides his desire to return to his own people, Rann wants revenge for the attack that nearly killed him. Soon enough, he learns that his captor's secret could help him achieve both goals, if he is willing to play by her rules.

However, a mysterious fraternity of assassins known as "The Dragon", wants them both. The stakes are high for both. Morgan could lose her home. Rann could lose his freedom. They may lose their hearts...if they don't lose their lives, first."